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Major Scale

The Major Scale is a music scale with 7 distinct notes to the octave.

If you know the Minor Scale just add a step (the equivalent to one fret) to the 3rd, 6th and 7th notes and that's the Major.

Here are the 7 modes or patterns on Video and Tablature:

Play each note one at a time from left to right from the 6th string to the 1st and then back up. Play each scale pattern ascending and descending using alternate picking at a speed at which you can do the entire pattern comfortably and clean.

Major Scale Pattern 1
Major Scale Pattern 2
Major Scale Pattern 3
Major Scale Pattern 4
Major Scale Pattern 5
Major Scale Pattern 6
Major Scale Pattern 7

Now learn other scales with video and tablature.
Click on the name to enter.

- Pentatonic Scale
- Blues Scale
- Minor Scale

A neat tool you can use to keep your tempo while practicing the different patterns is the Metronome. Experiment at low speeds until you can play the modes cleanly, then increase the speed.

Download here the 7 Scale Patterns in PDF format. If the file opens in your browser select "FILE" then "SAVE PAGE AS".

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