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Guitar Solo Video Lessons

After several requests to post some Guitar Solo Video Lessons, I wanted to open this section with a few of my favorites.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions you would like to be included in following lessons of this section, use the Suggest Lesson Form. I'll be happy to post them. Each video includes the solo in normal speed and a step by step explanation of its different parts.

Candlebox - Far Behind Solo
Guitar Solo Video Lessons
{Difficulty: 3 of 4}



Formed in late 1991, the Rock Band Candlebox began under the name "Uncle Luke". They have since toured with bands like Metallica, Godsmack and Rush. After several changes in band members, the current members are: Peter Klett in guitar, Kevin Martin in vocals, Adam Kury in bass, Scott Mercado in drums and Sean Hennesey in the rhythm guitar. This song is from the album Candlebox, released in 1993.

Lyrics for Far Behind - Candlebox
Candlebox Official Website

Weezer - Hash Pipe Solo
Easy Guitar Solo Lesson {Difficulty: 1 of 4}

This alternative rock band from California was formed in 1992 and their first gig was opening for Keanu Reeves' band Dogstar. This song is from their second self titled album -Weezer- also known as the Green Album.

Lyrics for Hash Pipe - Weezer
Weezer Official Website

Pearl Jam - Even Flow Solo
Cool Guitar Solos Video {Difficulty: 3 of 4}

This Super Band from Seattle assembled in 1990 became one of the Top Rock & Roll bands of the 90īs. Their most popular hits include Jeremy, Evenflow and Alive, all three songs from the album Ten. Their current band members are Eddie Vedder on vocals and guitar, Mike McCready on guitar, Stone Gossard on guitar, Jeff Ament on Bass and Matt Cameron on the drums (formely of Soundgarden).

Lyrics for Even Flow - Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam Official Website

3 doors down - Kryptonite Solo
Solo Lead Guitar Instructive {Difficulty: 1 of 4}

3 doors down was created in 1994. One if itīs greatest hits has been Kryptonite from their debut album The Better Life. Since it was released in 2000, they have sold over 16 Million records. Hope you enjoy this really easy guitar solo!

Lyrics for Kryptonite - 3 doors down
3 Doors Down Official Website

Alice in Chains - Man in the Box Solo
Guitar Solo Video Tutorial {Difficulty: 3 of 4}

NOTE: Tune 1/2 Step Down

This is another one of my favorite guitar solos. The structure is real simple but it still sounds great. This song is from the album Nothing Safe released in 1999. Enjoy this guitar solo lesson!

Lyrics for Man in a Box - Alice in Chains
Alice in Chains Official Website

Reptilia - The Strokes Solo
Famous Solo Tutorial {Difficulty: 2 of 4}



Formed in New York City in 1998, this great band has maintained a steady success throughout the years. Although their fans are mostly based in the US, UK and Australia, these guys have been heard worldwide. The song Reptilia is from the album Room on Fire released in 2003. As I mentioned in the Guitar Riff section of this site, after first rehearsing this song with my band, itīs always been in our concertīs repertoire!

Lyrics for Reptilia - The Strokes
The Strokes Official Website

Heroes of Silence - Between Worlds Solo
Guitar Solo Video Instructional {Difficulty: 3 of 4}



Heroes del Silencio is by far my favorite Spanish Rock Band. Iīm sure you can notice, since this is an all english website and Iīve included two of their songs in this guitar solo section. And donīt be surprised if you continue to see more of their songs in this and other areas of the website.
If you havenīt heard of these guys, check the out at YouTube or in their Website. These guys are absolutely amazing! They began in 1984 and separated in 1997, then reunited in 2007 to participate in a 10 concert world tour. This song is from their album Senderos de Traicion (1990).

Lyrics for Entre dos Tierras (Between two lands) - Heroes del Silencio
Heroes del Silencio Official Website

Coheed and Cambria - Welcome Home Solo
Guitar Solo Video Instruction {Difficulty: 3 of 4}

NOTE: Tune 1/2 Step Down

NOTE: Tune 1/2 Step Down


This 1995 American Rock Band was formed in New York under the name Shabutie, but as the official Coheed and Cambria they began in 2001. The song Welcome Home is from their album "Good Apollo I'm Burning Star IV Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness". This song can also be found in the video game Rock Band.

Lyrics for Welcome Home - Coheed and Cambria
Coheed and Cambria Official Website

Heroes del Silencio - Deshacer el Mundo Solo
Heroes del Silencio - Undo the World Solo
Guitar Solo Video Explanation {Difficulty: 3 of 4}



This is another great guitar solo by Heroes del Silencio AKA Heroes. This song is from thier album Avalancha released in 1995. Hope you enjoy this lesson as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Lyrics for Deshacer el Mundo (Undo the World) - Heroes del Silencio
Heroes del Silencio Official Website

Lit - My own worst enemy Solo
Lead Guitar Soloing Tutorial {Difficulty: 2 of 4}

This Guitar Solo Video Lesson includes the tablature.
Check it out here. My own worst enemy guitar tabs.

This is a fairly basic solo in which you only play the 5th and 3rd strings. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me your lesson suggestions and your guitar playing level so I can be better oriented on the kind of music you prefer. Suggest Lesson Here.

Lyrics for My own worst enemy - Lit
Lit Official Website


The software I used to learn most of these solos was Guitar Pro which plays the notes of the solo while moving through the tablature so you can follow the timing and rhythm of the notes. Download a free trial version here.

For ideas on how to create your own electric guitar solo, visit the Guitar Scale section, as well as the Guitar Licks and Guitar Exercises sections. These will give you the necessary tools to create your own ideas and play them fluidly in no time!

Remember, to receive a notice once new Guitar Solo Video Lessons are uploaded to the website, subscribe using the form found in our Homepage.

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