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Free Guitar Licks

In this section you will learn some amazing Guitar Licks with video and tabs from beginner level to advanced. Practice each lick slowly and gradually speed it up always preferring to sound clean over playing fast.

A super high speed lick played dirty and with no sound definition isn't the goal. Videos contain from 3 to 5 licks to keep them short and "fast-loading". Use the Metronome to keep your rhythm while performing the licks and to monitor your speed progress.

In the following licks I've focused on presenting the most commonly applied techniques to play almost any song. Almost every lick is in "A" just as all the scales presented in this site are. The reason for this is to help you practice and remember the scale patterns while you learn new techniques.

Check out the following licks and watch the videos for guidance. Combine them to create short solos and then construct your own using the different pattern ideas and techniques.

Remember, a lick is simply a series of notes that define a short musical phrase or idea. Therefore, these licks and patterns can be played on any key and on any scale, so feel free to experiment.

Go for it!

LICKS 1 - 4: See Tablature Below

Guitar Licks 1

Guitar Licks 2

Guitar Licks 3

Guitar Licks 4

LICKS 5 - 8: See Tablature Below

Guitar Licks 5

Guitar Licks 6

Guitar Licks 7

Guitar Licks 8

LICKS 9 - 12: See Tablature Below

Guitar Licks 9

Guitar Licks 10

Guitar Licks

Guitar Licks 11B

Guitar Licks 12

LICKS 13 - 14: See Tablature Below

Guitar Licks 13 A

Guitar Licks 13 B

Guitar Licks 14


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