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Guitar Exercises

The Guitar Exercises presented in this section are the ones I used when I started playing guitar. You can practice these in your electric or acoustic guitar. Some of the basic ones are found in most guitar courses and books.

The more advanced ones are portions of personal licks that I have used on several solos and in time I've incorporated them into my exercises for warming up and acquiring speed. Advanced players scroll down for more challenging patterns.

Practice the exercises at a speed you can dominate. Use the Metronome to incorporate rhythm into your playing and increase the tempo once you feel confident. Remember to use alternate picking. If you're a beginner and are not currently using alternate picking, incorporate it into your playing as soon as possible. Even if you play slower at first, it pays big time in the long run.

Check out the Videos, then scroll down to the tabs.


Basic Exercises:

The numbers indicated in the tablature for the 6 Basic Exercises refer to the fingers used to play each note, therefore each pattern can be played starting on any fret, just maintain the fingering sequence corresponding to each exercise. For example, the 1,2,3,4 pattern can be played 5,6,7,8, and the 1,3,2,4 can be played 5,7,6,8. To see how each finger is numbered go here. For detailed explanations on how to read tablature, visit How to Read Guitar Tabs.

Although these exercise tabs only indicate to play from the 6th to the 1st string, remember to go back up to the 6th string using the same pattern.

Beginner Guitar Exercises 1
Beginner Guitar Exercises 2
Beginner Guitar Exercises 3
Beginner Guitar Exercises 4
Beginner Guitar Exercises 5

Beginner Guitar Exercises 6

Intermediate Exercises:

Something I did to gain versatility in my right hand was to practice beginning an exercise with a down stroke and then doing the same exercise starting with an up stroke. This dramatically improved my ability to pick notes in different strings faster. Give it a try!

Guitar Exercise Advanced 1
Guitar Exercise Advanced 2
Guitar Exercise Advanced 3
This Intermediate Exercise #3 is from the song Three of a Perfect Pair
by King Crimson.

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